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Inter-Tel Axxess

Inter-Tel Axxess® Converged Communications Platform

Whether your organization is a small to medium business or a large enterprise, you demand a communications platform that delivers superior performance, dependability and a feature set that will enhance your customers’ experience. The Axxess Converged Communications Platform offers a flexible, feature-rich solution that is migration-friendly and Internet ready. The converged platform combines Internet Protocol (IP), wireless, digital and analog into a single platform—enabling you to deploy traditional, IP telephony or a combination of both when and where it’s right for your organization. Whether you need to connect several phones in an office, hundreds of phones in a building or on a campus, remote and telecommuting associates, or even geographically dispersed offices,

Inter-Tel unifies your communications into a single enterprise that interoperates harmoniously.

Maximize Your communications Investment

Axxess is based on open architecture interfaces and standard protocols, which offer the flexibility to tailor the platform to suit your dynamic needs. Support for Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols, such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), provides a communications pathway—connecting diverse tools together so that they can “speak” to each other. SIP enables simple, flexible connectivity, which allow infrastructures, applications and endpoints to interact in a standard manner. Axxess also supports IEEE standards, such as 802.11b and 802.3af—enabling your business to provide tools that facilitate the mobility of employees. Inter-Tel is focused on continued support for these standards and many other industry-standard interfaces, which will help address your unique business needs. Supported endpoints include:

Digital Endpoints


IP/SIP Endpoints

Inter-Tel Model 8560 This powerful phone features a six-line by 16-character, alphanumeric (LCD) with menu-driven soft keys, which act as a built in user guide to lead you through system features and capabilities.


Inter-Tel Model 8662 and Model 8660 Models 8662 and 8660 are multiprotocol endpoints, ideal for professionals who require information about the calls they handle, as well as advanced functionality. Featuring a six-line, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and eight one-touch "soft keys", users can reduce the time it takes to initiate and receive calls, retrieve and manage messages, access features and set Do-Not-Disturb messages.

Inter-Tel Model 8520The Inter-Tel Model 8620 incorporates a two-line by 16-character LCD to provide the information you need for enhanced productivity. With programmable keys, you can customize your endpoint to match your work style—maximizing your efficiency.


Inter-Tel Model 8622 and Model 8620 These cost-effective, multiprotocol endpoints enable users to quickly handle calls and access features. The convenient, two-line LCD shows number called, Caller ID and more. Programmable buttons and the message waiting lamp help you respond to important business matters in a timely manner. This endpoint also features a second LAN port for peripheral devices such as a computer or IP printer.

Inter-Tel Model 8500This cost-effective endpoint combines important features and ease-of use, delivering powerful functionality, flexibility and affordability.


Inter-Tel Model 8600 The Model 8600 is a cost-effective, multiprotocol endpoint ideal for users who require standard functionality such as hold, transfer, DND conference and more.

Inter-Tel Model 8525The Inter-Tel Model 8525 is also suitable for manufacturers, health care facilities and other vertical markets. This cost-effective, 900 MHz digital wireless endpoint enables mobile professionals to check voice mail and access system features such as initiate, conference, transfer, mute and forward calls. The Inter-Tel Model 8525 offers vibrate mode, two-line alphanumeric display with icons, function keys, status indicators and speed-dial options.


Inter-Tel Model 8665Designed to meet the most demanding environmental requirements, this industrial-grade wireless endpoint facilitates mobility and real-time communication within an 802.11b environment. The feature-rich Inter-Tel Model 8665 includes a high-resolution graphic display, menu-driven functions and messaging capabilities. Its exclusive push-to-talk (PTT) functionality enables broadcast communication between employees—eliminating the need for two-way radios.

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