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SimplexGrinnell offers healthcare communication products from the world's premier brands, including Executone Healthcare Systems, Zettler® and Simplex®. These products include: Patient Communication; Resource Management; Software Solutions; Nurse Call; Telephone; Location Systems; Wireless Communications; Events Processing and Management Reports.

Nurse Call / Patient Response

Executone's Healhtcare Communications Platform - HCP

  • Staff and patient assignment - pocket pagers and wireless handsets
  • Staff terminals also used for locating nurses, doctors, patients and equipment
  • Integration with wireless, infrared-based locator system
  • Prioritized calls - programmable call nomenclature
  • Touch-screen interface
  • Patient data at the touch of a button - integration with hospital MIS
  • ReportStar® Management Reports Package - track activity, calls, care, problems, service requests and more
  • Peripheral interfaces - smoke detectors, code blue station, emergency stations, auxiliary devices, remote switches, call devices and more
  • All necessary system components -stations, control devices, dome lamps

EZ Care - Easy to learn, easy to use

  • Fault tolerant local area network architecture
  • Supervised room call devices and call cords, pendants, and pillow speakers
  • Supports up to 200 nodes per system
  • Flexible design allows the system to be tailored to customer needs
  • System divided into units and (logical) zones for convenience
  • 12 programmable shifts (unit and zone groups)
  • Two levels of staff presence
  • Call following (staff follower)
  • Configurable call properties: programmable call labels, priority levels, and bulb flashing patterns; programmable call cancellation and escalation based on staff presence; 2 programmable call overtime thresholds with configurable inter-unit call forwarding rules
  • Interfaces to external systems such as RF paging transmitters and corridor displays
  • TV and bed light control via pillow speakers


  • Individual “call placed” indicators
  • Distinct tone annunciation calls
  • Tone/visual differentiation of call type
  • Plugs into pre-wired connectors
  • Low-power, high-luminous indicators
  • Available in 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10-station models

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