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HealthCare Communications Platform

Executone's HealthCare Communications Platform

Today's challenging healthcare environment demands that hospitals and health systems continuously monitor, improve, and refine how they deliver patient care while controlling costs. One of the most important criteria for delivering effective and efficient care, is the ability to have "seamless" communication between hospital employees, departments and facilities - in "real time". Innovative communications applications from Executone, like HCP, are providing the technology and solutions needed to help healthcare providers improve the quality of care they give to their patients.

A Healthcare Communication System for the New Millennium

The HCP was created to provide a coordinated and integrated system in support of healthcare professionals throughout the facility. HCP integrates the functions necessary for any facility wanting to best utilize the resources it has available. Operational efficiency, including staff productivity, is maximized through the integrated technologies of the HCP. This system effectively optimizes staff to patient and patient to staff communications throughout the hospital environment. By integrating the technologies of the Healthcare Communications Platform (HCP), the hospital's Management Information System (MIS), the Integrated Locating System (ILS), and ReportStar, individuals in many different roles throughout a facility can communicate efficiently and effectively without wasting precious time and effort.

In addition, HCP facilitates the interaction of people with people, in recognition that quality healthcare -of vital importance- is a delicate balance of technology, interaction, and communication between staff and patients.

Key Features of HCP:

PC Based NCS

  • Integrated Client Applications:
    • Nurse Call information
    • Locator Information
      • Locate staff, equipment, patients, etc.
    • Staff/Patient Assignment
      • Pocket pagers & wireless handsets
    • HL7 patient data
    • ReportStar
      • Valuable reports
    • -Available with 15" Touch-screen Monitor (standard), or, 14" Touch-screen Flat Panel Monitor (optional)

Staff Terminal

  • Placed in every room allows for room to room confidential communication.
  • Patient calls displayed allowing caregivers to answer calls while away from the NCS.

Complete Locator Integration

  • Locator information accesed at the PC-based NCS
  • Dome Lamp indication of staff presence
    • Visually determine staff locations
    • Personnel, patients and equipment may be easily located.


  • Provides valuable information to a facilities clinical staff, administration, etc.

MIS Integration (MIS)

  • Enables patient data display on NCS as a call is answered.

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