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Inter-Tel 3000

Inter-Tel 3000

Inter-Tel 3000: a scalable, IP-centric, modular phone system designed for the SOHO environment with up to 40 employees, as well as for large residences.   Inter-Tel 3000 is first and foremost a traditional PBX system, with the features, functionality and reliability you expect from a SOHO phone system but with “big business” phone features--including voice mail, account codes, automated attendant, conference and speed dial—accessible via digital, cordless and standard analog telephone endpoints to enhance the way you communicate with customers and clients.

Maximize Your communications Investment

Inter-Tel offers a variety of small business and modular telephones that support the Inter-Tel 3000 and your particular business needs. Inter-Tel 3000 digital, IP, cordless and standard analog telephones by Inter-Tel allow easy access to powerful system features such as conference, transfer, personal speed dial and voice messaging. Inter-Tel 3000 digital telephones offer large, intuitive display menus, soft keys for one-touch feature activation, automatic headset detection, programmable keys with dual color red and green LED indicators, speaker phone operations and a parallel modem port. Supported endpoints include:

16 KeysThis digital telephone offers 16 programmable keys, soft keys to easily navigate the menu-driven display and enables an IT3000 DSS (Direct Station Select) connection for advanced communications.


8 Keys The IT3000 1000 is a digital telephone with eight programmable keys for access to the features you use most. The IT3000 1000 also provides display-driven menus, caller ID information and speakerphone functionality, creating a productive call-handling environment.

  • Display-driven menus
  • 16 programmable keys
  • Backlit LCD display
  • DSS expansion module connections
  • Caller ID name/number
  • Automatic headset detection
  • Dual-colored red and green Light Emitting Diode (LED) indicators
  • Speakerphone operation
  • Data port
  • Display-driven menus
  • Eight programmable keys
  • Caller ID name/number
  • Automatic headset detection
  • Dual-colored red and green Light Emitting Diode (LED) indicators
  • Speakerphone operation
  • Data port

16 Keys + DSSThe IT3000 DSS (Direct Station Select) console provides 32 programmable keys to use as line presentation, extension selection or feature activation—streamlining your call-handling abilities. The IT3000 DSS is compatible with the IT3000 2000 only.


IP PhoneFull-duplex hands-free feature phone with 6 x16 menu driven display, message waiting/ringing LED, 16 programmable keys, 2-port switch (for PC connection) and headset port.

  • 32 Programmable keys
  • Keys may be programmed as line presentation, extension selection or feature activation
  • Used with IT3000 2000 only
  • Eight DSS limit per system
  • Full Duplex Hands-free
  • 6x16 Menu Driven Display
  • Large Message Waiting Indicator
  • 16 Programmable Keys
  • 2 port switch allows for pc and phone to share the same data connection without affecting performance.
  • Headset port

Inter-Tel 3000 Model 1100 Once installed on your PC, this software provides a virtual phone that enables you to access system features, such as conference, hold, directories and voice mail from anywhere.


Inter-Tel 3000 Model 1400 This 900 MHz cordless phone integrates with the Inter-Tel Inter-Tel 3000` system, and offers multi-line access and mobility in your home or work environment.

  • 5.8 GHz spread spectrum
  • Single-line analog phone
  • Speakerphone in handset
  • Caller ID name and number
  • 10 distinctive ring options (Six ringers and four melodies)
  • Message waiting light emitting diode (LED) indicator
  • Mute feature
  • Flash and Pause
  • Find handset
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Handset earpiece, handset speaker and ringer volume control
  • Call timer
  • 900 MHz narrow band FM with ADPCM
  • Multi-line access
  • Desktop feature access
  • 750 mAh NI-MH battery
  • 30 simultaneous conversations
  • Three ring tones and vibrate ringer
  • Charging cradle included
  • Remote antenna base included
  • Belt clip included
  • Wall mountable base

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